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About US

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF SUNSHINE is a serialized comedy musical podcast told over 12 episodes. It is released weekly with a break every three weeks. It was co-created by Matt Roi Berger and Jonathan A. Goldberg

SUMMARY: Brushee Sunshine is the host of the children's' tooth cleanliness show - The Sunshine Smile Hour. But suddenly he's murdered via bullets fired through a rip in space time. Detective Dankent is called in to help solve the mystery. The suspects:  Flosso, Brushee's older brother who was relegated to second banana; Braceletta, the buxom beauty with the braces on her legs and her teeth and also fiance to Brushee; Elsa, Bracletta's assistant who acts like a loyal dog. And that's only the beginning. Join us as we take an audio adventure of musical proportions.