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THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF SUNSHINE is a serialized comedy musical podcast. It was co-created by Matt Roi Berger and Jonathan A. Goldberg.


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Season 1: Brushee Sunshine is the host of the children's' tooth cleanliness show - The Sunshine Smile Hour. But suddenly he's murdered via bullets fired through a rip in space time. Detective Dankent is called in to help solve the mystery. The suspects:  Flosso, Brushee's older brother who was relegated to second banana; Braceletta, the buxom beauty with the braces on her legs and her teeth and also fiance to Brushee; Elsa, Bracletta's assistant who acts like a loyal dog. And that's only the beginning. Join us as we take an audio adventure of musical proportions. Hear the whole season HERE



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Brushtown Stories: a weekly collection of short stories involving characters loosely related to the world of the Fall of the House of Sunshine. Some have appeared in the main show and others are completely new. We meet people like adventurer Bernard Glouch, clown hunting FBI agent Samara Javadi, aging actress Geraldine Xanthippe and many more. These stories are stand alone and are not connected to the larger narrative directly, but flush out the  world and provide a small bit of audio entertainment.

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Season 2: Days of Future Fuzz: season 2 picks up in the post-fuzzed world where Fuzzo is now Emperor and a small band of the un-fuzzed fight to undo this fur planet. Prof. Y and her Y-Team are some of those who defy the emperor and his bloodthirsty general Feltina Guernica. Will the world stay fuzzed? Can anyone stop Fuzzo? And will Dankent be a part of it?