Episode 0


What happened on Season 1? This! Listen to it! We've missed you, dear listener!


A rock in a space place

Barren and lonely, an asteroid circles a distant sun. Two robots live out a quiet existance.          

Episode 1

The All New All Different Abnormal Y-Team

It has been 18 years since the fuzzitronic bomb detonated and the world went puppety! Enter this brave scared new world!


the furry wives of windsor

Feltina has fired the smother ray! Will the Y-Team survive? Or will the Fuzz reign triumphant?

episode 3

live and let dankent

With the Y-Team defeated Prof. Y must bring Dankent back from the past. But for what purpose? And will they succeed?

Addendum 1

the cat's pajamas

  A bow tie on the ground. An orphan. And a possible afterlife?



the puppet who mistook his mother for a breast

The Dankents and Valborg seek out the G.G. Scrumptious Casual Eatery. But Fuzzo and his fuzz forces have other plans.



The Dankents and Valborg continue their path through the snack lands when they're caught in a trap! But who has caught them?

episode 6 

the battle of thermos & Pie

or the 300 blend

Valborg and the Dankents have a showdown in the Sparta Gallleria in Sparta, New Jersey.

addendum 2

Epilogue for a heavy drinker

After the events of last episode a certain someone finds himself in a strange place with a familiar person.

episode 7

The ballad of g.G. Scrumptious (part 1)

Part one of the secret history of fast casual eatery owner G.G. Scrumptious

Episode 8

battle hymn of the refuzzblic

Dankent and Valborg are captured by mysterious forces. Feltina closes in on Prof Y. Things! Happening!

episode 9

   fear of a fuzz Planet

Dankent and Valborg meet the Matriarch. Feltina scores a victory. Thrills! Spills! Chills!

addendum 3

the 5,000 surgeries of dr. lu

After his betrayal Dr. Lu gets what he was promised. Or does he?

episode 10

   the fjords of greenland are not but fuzz

Feltina makes Prof Y an offer. The Matriarch makes Dankent an offer. This episode has so much to offer!

episode 11

   The Ballad of G.G. Scrumptious Part 2

The sad tale of resteuranter G.G. Scrumptious concludes can Lil G be saved? Can the Rays be stopped?


episode 12

   The Unbearable Fuzziness of Feltina Guernica

Valborg and Dankent reach the original G.G. Scrumptious but can they complete their mission? Or will the forces of Fuzz win?

addendum 4

   It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Dankent

Crazy Dankent meets with some weird hippies. But he has a mission only he seems to understand

episode 13


Can Pangla save the world? Will Mama Boob and Adviso be able to keep Dankent and Valborg at bay?

episode 12

   better to reign in fuzz than serve in heaven

Mama Boob plots. Fuzzo arrested? Will Pangla be bested? Can the fuzzy forces be stopped?

episode 15

  night of the living elder fuzz

the season finale! Can the forces of Pangla defeat a rampaging Elder Fuzz? Or is all hope lost?