fall of the house of sunshine

episode 9: Flow my Fuzz the Puppet Said


Dankent - Nathaniel Kent
Janitor - Jenni Putney
Panglo - Melissa Lusk
Braceletta - Bonnie Milligan
Flosso - Jared Loftin
Jim American - Gabe Levey
Elsa - Molly Hager
Brushee - Matt roi Berger
Grace McLean - Mama Sunshine
Intern - Nicholas DiMichele
The Elder Fuzz - Feltdrick Montgomery

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: Flosso sets his plan in motion. Braceltta meets up with Dankent, Panglo, and the Janitor. But is she still the Tooth Scary? 


song lyrics

Crooked Reprise

The road ahead is all at angles - crooked.
Can’t see what’s next around the bend
The world behind me all in shambles - crooked.
Can’t turn around, on this road till it’s end

What have I become
No home, no hope, no family
Can’t hide from my dark side
Can’t hope someone will rescue me
From what I’ve come to be

What do you do when the braces bend and crack?
When you can’t relax - or the monster will come back?
Keep breathing in - you must retain control
Can’t kill again - breath out eyes upon the road.

The road ahead is all at angles
Darkness waits around the bend

I Know That You Have Questions Reprise

Oh mama I have questions
But I’m too scared to ask
I can’t get to my future
Til I sort out my past
And everyone is waiting
Impatient, and unimpressed
Will I become the one
The prophecy suggests?

Who do you go to for answers
When you’re s’pose to have them all?
What’cha do when everyone counts on you
But you don’t feel special at all?
Maybe when they’re telling you to start with the end
It don’t give you enough to start
And maybe you close your ears
And just go with your heart

Yeah maybe I’ll know what’s clear
If I listen to my heart


Mouth Buddies Reprise


We’ll be mouth buddies…
Til the day that we die
Any time you need me by your side
Just look to your left -
I’m not there?  Then look right!
I’ll play my role
As was prophesied…
No more dreaming of a simple life
No more second guessin’
Just take your injections and-


What’s the purpose?
The truth is gonna surface…


You’ll hide in plain sight,
There’s no need to be nervous.


My condition-


We can hide it.


Brushee, listen-


You gotta fight it!

Together we are stronger -
Won’t let you become a monster.

We’ll be Mouth Buddies -
Brothers for all time.
And when you’re Mouth Buddies
You never get left behind.

The Ur-Tooth we’ll serve
Til your curse goes away.
That’s my promise today,
So, brother, what do ya say?






Yeah.  Because

We’re Mouth Buddies




Buddies for all time.

Everybody Gets Fuzz’d Reprise

Big bang!
Bright lights!
I was wrong to see my power as a burden or blight

Our fuzzy future
Has arrived!
Everybody gets fuzzed tonight!