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fall of the house of sunshine

episode 8: i'll never read proust



Dankent - Nathaniel Kent
Janitor - Jenni Putney
Panglo - Melissa Lusk
Flosso - Jared Loftin
Jim American - Gabe Levey
Elsa - Molly Hager
Receptionist - Melissa Lusk
Dr. Braffman - Nathaniel Kent
Pops - James Kennedy
Dentist (Trogus) - Kevin Townley
Ur-Tooth - Jennifer Thompson
Ethereal Band Being - Rachel Flynn

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: Elsa seeks revenge on the Dentites. As Dankent learns about a visitor from very far away. Flosso and Dr. Jim plan the construction of the Fuzzitronic Bomb.


song lyrics

Damn Dental 


There she stands in the waiting room -
The inner sanctum of the pure and clean -
O'er the scriptures of His Holy Tooth
And Highlights magazines. 

The scales have tipped again:
A jester weaponized.
Fell so far now she’s back on her feet
Just a clown and her will to survive 

A challenger approaches,
Knows well the battle long expected:
Clown versus Dentist,
As the gods intended! 


Welcome girl to the altar of the tooth,
A holy space too clean for thee.
Leave quickly or know your place.
My drill finger’s getting mighty itchy. 


Old man, your hollow threats amuse,
But prepare to truly laugh.
I am the clown that stalks the tooth,
So stick your drill up your-


Yeah! Yeah!

The secretaries scamper
The patients, scared, take flight
Heaven trembles as they
Clash beneath florescent lights


Your holy empire is rotten to the core
But have no fear Doc, dear,
For your decay I am the cure

Your genocide of the laughing kind
Will be paid back eye for eye
You’re the joke now doc
So prepare for the punchline!

Save your nitrous,
Save your Novocain
Drink of your fate, then rinse and spit
See the blood run down the drain!

Trogus Among Us

I long to see
The sunlight on the Glorgon Mons
As the Bloovus squirts
It’s hurf into the sea
I’ll ne'er return
To the land of my origins
To the triple moons of Lul, Agon, and Vhee.

I’ll miss the gills
Of my mama’s floose
Where my egg was hatched
And I ate my clones.
I wish once more
To be eating pudding cups
A Trogus favorite even far from home… 

Oh… home!

From the comet-drenched shores of No'tup Ghoo
To the hills of the Floov where the Melongs bloom
I hear the wonders of the universe call me home.

Like a quasar keeping time in the Norva Stacks
I can feel it in my pulsing sacs
Take me home!  Oh take me home! 


Where the Glo-bows trace across the sky
Make you feel both proud and humble inside
Oh I’d give my third re-glumber just to see it one last time




Now I die -
But before I leave this world,
That is not mine
But has served me well,
Heed my words,
and take them to your feelings pouch:
As the Crumnox say, “Gum Buxom Squee Solell.”


Brush As You’re Told

I didn’t cry when Mama was sent away
I let Father inject me everyday
I gave my birthright to my brother along with my name
And now that they’re gone I can finally say: 

Well I don’t like it
And I don’t want it
And I’m sick of hearing: “it’s
“The displeasure of the Tooth that made you born that way.”

I studied scripture, always prayed as hard as could be
For the power of the Tooth to wipe clean the fuzz in me

Each night I cried
"Please, divine guide,
Reward my faith in thee…”

Then Daddy would stab me with his newest cure.
(The burning was the curse leaving my blood, he swore.)

I didn’t crack, though his remedies blackened my veins
I didn’t slip, though my screaming kept me awake
I didn’t snap, though I heard them calling me a mistake
I did everything I could for the prophecy’s sake

But I didn’t want it
And I didn’t ask for it
And you don’t know the half of it
Praying every day to what made me this way.
The question I present: are
The injections my protection
Or the invention of the infection in me? 

It’s becoming my impression
That the threat of my regression’s
An invention but to keep me on leash

Well I’m sick of the lies
And wasting my life
Disguised, despised, half-euthanized
For the truth of what I happen to be

So damn this Tooth and what we’re supposed to believe,
It’s time to make the world in the image of ME!

Yeah, you won’t like it
But try and fight it
You’re all invited
To the dawning of the Fuzz and the death of the Tooth!