fall of the house of sunshine

episode 6: from the fluxed up files of clownie brown esq.



Elsa - Molly Hager
Clown Doctor - Melissa Lusk
Clown Nurse - James Kennedy
Clownie Brown - Everett Quinton
Sweet Sal - Jenni Putney
Tiger Tiger, Fellow Traveler - James Kennedy
Opinionated Owl - Nathaniel Kent
Mx. Jitters - Jacqui Rossi
Brushee Sunshine, Sr. - Philip Callen
Braceletta - Bonnie Milligan
Brushee - Matt roi Berger

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: As Elsa clings to life the memories of her life flood back and she's reminded of the sad story of clowns and her father.. 


song lyrics

The Clownie Brown Show Theme

Who’s the guy you love the most?
Sweeter than honey on your toast!
He’s so great, but he hates to boast,
That’s Our Clownie Brown!

Who’s that fella fulla fun?
That’ll lend a hand to anyone?
Thinks workers should control the means of production -
That’s our Clownie Brown!

Here come Sweet Sal the It’s OK to Feel Sad Cow
And Tiger Tiger Fellow Traveler, your sympathetic pal
There’s Opinionated Owl who’ll show you free thought isn’t scary
Lastly is Mx. Jitters, the canary that knows gender isn’t binary

Clownie! Clownie!
That’s our Clownie Brown.
Clownie! Clownie!
That’s our Clownie Brown.
That’s our Clownie Brown.

Clown Panic

Did you hear, did you hear, did you hear the news?
Death walks the streets wearing floppy shoes!
Tell your ma, tell your pa, tell cousin-in-law!
People need to hear the truth:
There are clowns all around and they’re coming to get you!

I hear they go to children’s parties!
I hear their seltzer’s spiked with booze!
I hear they wear white paint to hide satanic face tattoos!
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh

Clown Panic!

Did you hear, did you hear, did you hear today?
The Sunshine show did an expose!
Clowns are the cancer that is eating our country’s
Morals cornerstones away
There are clowns all around here to take down the USA!

I find their balloons are too suggestive!
My pastor says they have no souls!
I read there was a harlequin on the grassy knoll!
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh

Clown Panic!

Why must we live in fear?
Why must we lie awake?
We let them settle here
That was our mistake.
Let’s close the borders, boot those sickos from our home!
Burn down the circuses!  Boycott the rodeos!
Make them sign a registry, then throw them in a hole!
Clown Panic!

Did you hear, did you hear, did you hear the news?
America is great again and safe to boot!
We persevered and tamed our fears,
And it never got out of hand!
God bless our grand, clown-sanitized homeland!




Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!
Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!

 Red nose!
Blood red!
Knock knock - you’re dead!

 All the better
To smell you BURN!
The seltzer’s boiling and the pies have turned!

 We were peaceful joke-lovers
Left for dead, now back for blood, we’re


 Tricked by the dental menace
Our new champion will avenge us



Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!
Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!

 Ha ha!
Hee hee!
Kick you in your kidneys til there’s blood in your pee!

 Your sides split
Tears in my eyes
Because I’m laughing as you die!

We’ll come when you least expect us
Whoopie pipe bombs during breakfast


Also when you most expect us -
Why did you sign up for that pie eating contest??


Who’s the girl you fear the most?
Gets revenge for her daddy’s ghost
Gonna hunt every last Dentite down.

Busts your guts, slaps off your knees
She’s coming for you, so hold on to your teeth
That’s your friend Elsa Clownita Brown…

Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!
Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!

I am the joke that kills
I’m cyanide in a happy pill

Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!  Clowns!

Smash your funny bones to splinters
Laugh you ‘til your belly blisters


Clowns! Clowns!  Clowns!  Clowns!