fall of the house of sunshine

episode 4: All This Fuzz and more



Dankent - Nathaniel Kent
Flosso - Jared Loftin
Braceletta - Bonnie Milligan
Elsa - Molly Hager
Mama Sunshine - Grace McLean
Snouts the Pig - Larry Owens
Panglo - Melissa Lusk
Puppet Johnson - Jonathan A. Goldberg
Oingly-Boingly - Matt roi Berger
Intern - Nick DiMichele
Ur-Tooth - Jennifer Thompson
Ethereal Band Being - Rachel Flynn

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: Bracletta is going through some dark changes. Dankent is at the mercy of Mama Sunshine and her deranged puppet posse. Elsa is in danger. Flosso needs money for tolls.


song lyrics

Heart Felt


It used to be that people laughed…
Remember laughter?  Remember fun?
Remember when… we were the ones
Who could flip a frown?

Remember smiles on a sunny day,
When we didn’t disembowel and we didn’t flay
The way it usta was when we honored what we fuzzed
Could do for others

Oh… Sure, I know, the times have been cruel
The injections and rejection both stung it’s true
But - whoa-oh…  These aren’t the puppets I know!

We haven’t fallen so far as to lose
What it means to be a felty source of love and truth
So let’s go!  Find the joy that’s aglow
Deep in our puppety souls!!

Lets… be the puppets who we used to be
Fuzzy devotees of joy and harmony.
It’s time again to be the friends you can depend to-


Rearrange a frowny face!


Without the use of razor blades!


Walk with me into a beautiful dream
Where puppets are again making children scream
But with laughter now,
Not with involuntary surgery.

We can be…Heart Felt


Felt Hearts!


Working, working towards a softer world.


Softer world!


Heart Felt!


Felt Hearts!


Singing harmless, silly syllables!


Syllables! Silly sylla-lill-ables!




Ba-ba! Ba-ba! Na-na na-na!


Heart Felt!


Ba-ba!  Na-na na-na!
Na!  Na!  Na!  Na!


I remember what it was to love
With all the furry in my felty fuzz
Let’s show the world that we’re truly made of
Heart Felt.

Brace Yourself (the Tooth Scary)

What is this feeling coming over me so suddenly?  Like - 
I got new blood in me - burning up like Listerine. 
Know I should fight it but it’s growing on, controlling me
Flowing from a force - the source of dental energy 

The Ur-Tooth - I am his servant
Brush off your face if I think you deserve it! 

Tooth Scary
Things just got hairy for yah
Tooth incarnate - you been warned ’bout me 

Tooth Scarier
Chomp you like a terrier
Prepare yourself for judgement if your teeth ain’t clean 

Don’t respect your teeth?  Well then I’m gonna take ‘em! 
Rip ‘em out your jaw - don’t expect compensation. 
Your mistaken if you think I’ll exchange ‘em for funds: 
I’ll use your skin for my drums if you got bleeding gums. 

Roll you up if you rude to your tooth. 
Squirt out your organs like paste from the tube. 

Whoa get control
Brace yourself Braceletta
Don’t lose your tether to reality
Better get your head together 

Tooth Scary - I remember the stories
Thought they were allegory
Not a real and present warning
Gotta fight the desire to
Hold disbelievers to the fire
Though the thought of their screams
Fills me with a high that does inspire 

Oh no - here it comes   
I can’t hold it off
Tooth Scary in control! 
Open wide and say AHHHHHHHHH

Tooth Scary
How scared should you be?  VERY. 
Stick you with my water pick. 
Your cavities just make me SICK! 

Tooth Scarier
If wary best get warier
I’m coming for you - bring your friends! 
I’ll gore the more the merrier 

Tooth Scariest
You’re bleeding - it’s hilarious! 
Shoulda been more seriously
Dentally fastidious 

Too late now! 
You best prepare ye
Tooth judgement is upon you
And her name is Tooth Scary!


Mop Top Throw Down

Well it’s a mop top throw down
Sock hop showdown
Everybody’s having it out!

We got puppets by the dozen
And they’re ready for a ruckus
It’s looking pretty grim for our pals

But who’s that throwing in just in time??
It’s a deus ex mop-e-na, don’t you cry-e-y!

She’ll clean your clock
Then she’ll mop you up!
Let’s show you what we’re talking about!

Well, Snouts grabs a chair
Swings at nothing but air!
Janitor’s too fast!
Now that pig is cut in half!

The puppets scream their laments!
While Panglo frees Dankent!
Then they have a conversation,
That you’re gonna hear now!

Yeah it’s a mop top throw down
Sock hop showdown
Everybody’s having it out!

Just when the puppets seemed the toughest
Now their shaking in their stuffin’
Seems the Janitor has them in doubt

Puppet Johnson tries to sneak up behind
But she sprays him with some Clorox in the eye-e-eye-e-eye!

While he’s writhing on the floor,
Oingly’s running for the door,
But a well thrown scrub brush takes him out!

Now Mama’s got an ax!
Yeah she’s on the attack!
She loved those puppets like her fuzzy sons
Now someone’s gonna play for it!

Well it’s a mop top throw down
Sock hop showdown
And things have gotten out of control!

The ax has hit the fuzzer
Now it starts to shake and stutter
Spitting sparks, igniting puppets in droves

The puppets spread the fire from their flailing around
And now the whole dang place is coming dow-uh-wow-uh-wown!

That was some mop top mayhem
We hope that you enjoyed it!
Now everybody run for your -
Everybody run for your -
Everybody run for your lives!