Sunshine Ep 2 Logo.jpg

fall of the house of sunshine

episode 2: Down in dank darkness darts dankent



Dankent - Nathaniel Kent
Flosso - Jared Loftin
Braceletta - Bonnie Milligan
Elsa - Molly Hager
Janitor - Jenni Putney
Mama Sunshine - Grace McLean
Grand Cuspid - Jocelyn Kuritsky

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: Dankent meets the mysterious Janitor who sends him on a journey to a sanatorium where Brushee and Flosso's mother Mama Sunshine is kept. But why has she been locked away? Also The Grand Cuspid has come to meet with Flosso and Bracletta. She's a representative from their mysterious hometown New Molar. Why is she here? What does she want? And what's lurking in the darkness of the sanatorium. 


song lyrics

I Know That You Have Urges / We’ve Changed

I know that you have urges
That you’re finding hard to fight, 
A voice somewhat divergent
From what we left inside your mind. 

But hush my dear, don’t fear - 
I’ll take it away
Scatter your matter with a flash of my No Matter Ray. 

Everything has changed, but it feels the same
Our roles are cast, and on we play…
Left on stage, just as father arranged
Still we’re saying his lines, and we’re shooting his rays 

And in the blink of an eye, or a space time rift
Your brother is gone and the spell starts to lift
And you shake -   
A puppet finally awake. 

You’re falling quite fast - no one’s holding your strings
The ground’s coming quick, but you’re finally free
And it’s clear: You’re laughing through your tears, 
You’re shaking with fear. 

We’ve changed… 
Was it for the best? 
Who’s to say?   
 Well… That’s the point I guess…

Our lives are ours. 
There’s nothing left in the stars. 
And you look back at the day
You changed. 


I Know That You Have Questions Pt 2

I know that you have questions,
And I’m eager to confide.
Mama Sunshine has a secret
That is growing deep inside.
It will bring about a new age
As the ancients prophesied!  
But it’s not prophesies that make us you and I…

No, Mama Sunshine knows and let her tell you why: 

I’m sure that they have dreams
Even larger than the sky! 
That they’re bursting at their seams
With individualistic pride! 
I know they have a purpose
But that their path they will decide…

For it’s the dreams we make that make us you and I! 
Yes, the dreams we make make us you and I! 
It’s the dreams we make that make us you and I! 

I Know That You Have Questions

I know that you have questions. 
But you ain’t askin’ the right ones. 
You’re giving into their suggestion
Of what this story’s really of. 

Cop a view in my mop stew, 
See what they coverin’ up…


Brush!  Brush!  (The Brushing Song!)

In a gummy glade they shine
Like a flock of butterflies, 
Of alabaster - be their master! 
Keep them pinned! 

For if they fly away
They leave a hole right in your face
That science tells us leads   
To vice, disease and sin

So brush your teeth! 
Yes brush with pride! 
Bristles at the ready, 
Keep them white! 

You brush your teeth - 
You make them shine! 
You’re useless if your toothless - 
Keep that smile! 
And brush your teeth! 

Halitosis is the grossest. 
Gingivitis breeds psychosis. 
Yes bad breath is worse than death, 
So be prepared. 

And when you die, the teeth remain - 
So leave them clean and without stain
And smile, prideful, when you wake   
Beyond the veil! 

Yes brush your teeth! 
Yes brush them bright! 
For in the darkness of this world
Teeth are the light! 

You brush your teeth! 
Hold your head high! 
Orally and morally
You have superiority
In teeth! 

Brush one two three
It’s as plain as can be
From the top to the root
To and fro. 

Then scrub four and five   
Six and seven eight nine. 
Don’t you stop til you frothing
Your molars aglow. 

Then ten and eleven
The feeling is heaven
Repeat to one thousand or so 

So brush your teeth! 
Cuz if you don’t
Then the Tooth Scary will find you
Eat your eyes and cut your throat 

So brush your teeth! 
They’ll look phenomenal! 
And if you don’t you will get cancer
And we can’t be held responsible! 

Your teeth
Are all you have! 
If you lose them then you’re nothing
And that’s very very bad! 

Yes brush your teeth! 
Keep them like new! 
Everyone is judging you
So don’t look like a fool! 
And brush your teeth!