fall of the house of sunshine

episode 12: the fuzz and the fury or how i learned to stop worrying and love the fuzzitronic bomb



Dankent - Nathaniel Kent
Flosso - Jared Loftin
Braceletta - Bonnie Milligan
Elsa - Molly Hager
Brushee - Matt roi Berger
Ethereal Band Being - Rachel Flynn

Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg
Music by Matt roi Berger

About: In the season finale Fuzzo's bomb is ready for launch! Elsa and Dankent arrive in New Molar! Fights! Bites! And we finally learn who killed Brushee!


song lyrics

Theme to the Sunshine Smile Hour

Welcome!  To the House of Sunshine!
Scrub your troubles and brush your cares away!
Welcome!  To the House of Sunshine!
The gang’s all here, so won’t you come and play?

Braceletta will sing us songs
While Elsa barks along!
Flosso will tend the flock and lasso wild teeth!

But the hero of our show
Is a man you all should know…


Welcome!  To the House of Sunshine!
Where it’s always fun in such a sunny way!

Mouth Buddies

We were Mouth Buddies
Brothers in kind
No he was no rival of mine, 
But a vital advisor, an ally for life

Mouth Buddies, 
With our eyes on the prize
It was only a matter of time - 
Our powers combined, we’d make every tooth shine

Cuz when you’re Mouth Buddies
You walk-y with a strut-y
You know who got your back when push-y come to shove-y 

We were Mouth Buddies
Bringing faithful to the study
Talking Tooth, takin’ lip from nobody 

When you’re Mouth Buddies
You’re buddies for all time. 
When you’re Mouth Buddies
You never get left behind…

Then someone pulls you aside
Tells you your best friend’s died
And something cracks deep inside
Makes you lay down and cry. 

Cuz when you’re Mouth Buddies
You’re buddies for all time…



Usta be my world was all at angles – crooked. 
Instead of dancing, I could only stoop. 
My legs were twisted, almost mangled – crooked. 
My teeth at angles all obtuse. 

Cried inside every night  
I could only go out on Halloween
Then they came into my life
Smiling from the TV screen
With teeth straight, warm and clean 

Right then my only choice was blatant - discernible! 
Runaway as fast as I could limp. 
Could I find this magic TV station? - rhetorical! 
Beg them to make me more like them! 

I would serve, I would learn, 
And they made me whole, they straightened me! 
Gave me all that I yearned - 
They braced my legs they braced my teeth
With the greatest brace indeed - the brace of hope. 

Check em out!  Brace solo! 

And so it was I found my perfect home
And in short time, a love to make me whole! 
Brushee proposed! Perfect love with perfect smile. 
Wedding bells will clang as I clank down the aisle…

But plans can shatter in an instant
And leave you crooked once again…