Brushtown stories

A collection of stories from the corners and cracks of the Fall of the House of Sunshine universe. Come listen to the tales of the lesser known and lesser grown people who find themselves stuck in a weird world that they call home. Let's turn the brush over and examine these folks in a little place we like to call - Brushtown Stories.

Episode 0


Just what is a Brushtown Story? Just why is a Brushtown Story? Just where is a Brushtown Story? Start here and find out!


A strange new old ancient new world

Hank was just a regular joe working on teh Fuzzitronic bomb until ...                                                              


The Dankent Files: Eight-armed robbery part 1

Detective Dankent regales us with a story of an octopus robbery.                                  


The Dankent files eight-armed robbery part 2

The tangled tale of heats up when Dankent finds himself in quite the pickle.

episode 4

A Game of Cat and Clown - part 1

FBI Agent Samara Javadi is on the hunt for the rogue clown doctor Gigglepuss will she be able to find this horn honking terrorist?


a game of cat and clown - part 2

Agent Samara Javadi is unspooling a secret world of clown terrorists will she catch her clown or get got herself?


from the diary of bernard glouch - the seeker awakens

In the early part of the 20th Century Bernard Glouch left New Molar in search of Dentite Artifacts. But did he bite off more than he could chew?

episode 9

fake it til you make it

Lydia Bloom is an art dealer. But not all of her paintings are as real as they seem.

episode 12

from the diary of bernard glouch - the lair of the mad duke

Bernard Glouch and Chapman Heethe arrive in Split to meet with their odd benefactor. 

episode 15

the caterwahl initiative part 2

Will FBI Agent Samara Javadi survive her meeting with the mad architect Holiday Roman?

episode 18

From the diary of bernard glouch - the demon's promise

Bernard Glouch and Chapman Heethe are caught up in the chaos of World War 1 but the secret location of the Fecal Box of Adam is still on their minds.

episode 21

finned and infamous

Agent Squatch is on the case as she swings into action against a Sepratist Group in Ethiopia

episode 24

From the diary of bernard glouch - the toothful life

At the mercy of the Yachi Cult Bernard must think quickly to escape their clutches!

episode 27

From the diary of bernard glouch - they call this paradise

Chapman Heethe and Bernard Glouch arrive in Hawaii but will they ever find the Fecal Box of Adam?


from the diary of bernard glouch - The Land of the Dead

Bernard Glouch and Chapman Heethe continue their adventures.                                                                                                          

Episode 10

ella sunshine on a cloudy day - part 1

Ella Sunshine is tired of taking care of her temperamental brother and decides to live her own life for once.

episode 13

From the Diary of bernard glouch - the bone of war

Bernard Glouch and Chapman Heethe must retrieve a bone for the Mad Duke. But it's not as easy as it sounds (it never is).

episode 16

The Leather Bound Prestige Edition of the Rise and Fall of the Mole Empire – 

In our most meta episode Melissa finally learns what all these mole references in the outros are about. 

episode 19

Since sliced bread - part 1

Marissa McMenanin has a great idea for a boffo product. But the only potential buyer is a bit ... villainous.

episode 22

Everybody loves ann swann

When a girl goes missing in crag country it's up to Detective Dankent to solve the mystery. But maybe there's more than meets the (private) eye.

episode 25

below the volcano

Agent Squatch is tasked with stopping a racist mummy in Argentina!

episode 28

From the diary of bernard glouch - A hole in the whole world

The final story in the saga of adventurer and treasure hunter Bernard Glouch

episode 8

Being the grand cuspid

A day in the life of the Grand Cuspid as she jogs around New Molar.

episode 11

ella sunshine on a cloudy day - part 2

Ella Sunshine finds herself in a spot of trouble and makes an unlikely friend

episode 14

The Caterwahl initiative - part 1

Clown hunting FBI Agent Samara Javadi is tracking down a mysterious conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. 

episode 17

the endless brightness of regional stars

Geraldine Xanthippe was a star of the stage - at least in her own mind - but her career takes an odd turn when she falls for a crusading attorney who wants to be a clown.

episode 20

Since sliced bread - part 2

Marissa McMenanin arrives in Ulan Popolus to meet with Unstopapopolus himself.

episode 23

From the diary of Bernard glouch - the noodle of truth

Bernard and Chapman arrive in Taipei, Taiwan in the next leg of their quest to find the Fecal Box of Adam.

episode 26

         arctic you glad to see me?

Agent Squatch is battling undead Vikings in the Canadian arctic when a problem closer to home presents a dark threat to freedom.